Every day a new mobile phone is launched. At least, that’s what it feels like. The demand for quality handsets is outstripping supply. With this technological burst mobile game developers and designers are having to constantly update their aging products and crumbling software in order to maintain functionality and compatibility of their software.

Casino Perfection

With this ever continual drive of technological perfection many games crumble and fail to live up to the high expectations required and desired by the end users of today. Thankfully, Fortune Frenzy bucks this trend. No more continual bug fixing or long over dew updates. No longer do we have to wait forever for heavy and lengthy load times which slow thosegraphical animations. Far from it. Fortune Frenzy has been developed with gaming and the gamer in mind.

Pure gameplay

Fortune Frenzy delivers a purity to its gaming. Simply type in fortunefrenzy into your mobile browser and strap in. No over complicated rules or reams of terms and conditions to battle with, just pure casino game-play available in your pocket whenever and wherever you want. If you want the latest in mobile slot games Fortune Frenzy has that covered by the truck load. Games such as Disco Dollars, Go Bananas and Super Fruity will test you to the max, it’s high octane stuff, it’s frenzied!

Awesome welcome package

With its ever expanding gaming catalogue you’ll never find yourself without a favourite game. Fortune Frenzy is blockbuster. As soon as jump in you’re confronted with a bonus welcome package that simply blows the competition away in every direction. For starters, as a new player you’ll be given a welcome package worth a mind blowing £225. With 100% cash matches on your first deposits and further matches this welcome package is the best in the business. But, that’s not all that Fortune Frenzy will throw at you. Over the course of your games free spins and bonuses are the norm all helping you to gain and claw in that wallet busting jackpot. With jackpots reaching ridiculous heights and daily prizes of up to £10,000 you’d be mad to miss out.

Always connected

Fortunately, Fortune Frenzy won’t let you miss out on its great offers. With multiple ways to keep in touch with your favourite casino via Facebook, Twitter, email and Google plus you always have you finger on the button. Finally, Fortune Frenzy’s customer support is worth a mention here. It’s very, very good. Mobile casino games have a lot of hard work ahead of them. Fortune Frenzy has re-written the script on how