Get any group of online poker players together in real life and there’s one thing they’ll inevitably start swapping notes on within minutes: methods of funding their poker accounts. It might sound like a dry topic to the outsider but amongst poker cognoscenti it’s a perennial source of concern.

Online Poker Sites That Accept Skrill

Wondering why? Well, just as in any other area of life all those little fees add up over time – just ask Tony Robbins! And there are also the questions of convenience and general user experience to consider. If you’re playing poker or mobile poker professionally online, or are even just a serious amateur player, you want the smoothest funding and withdrawal options possible to leave you free to concentrate on strategy.

One solution that’s grabbed a lot of players’ attention recently is an online wallet called Skrill. Older readers may remember it under its original name of Moneybookers. They’ve been around since 2002 but fully rebranded under the Skrill moniker in 2013 following their acquisition by CVC Capital Partners.

Since then, they’ve made a name for themselves in the online gambling world as a solid funding choice in general and a great alternative to Paypal in particular. A registered userbase of over 36 million people worldwide suggests they’ll be sticking around for quite some time to come.

In this article we’ll cover some key points to keep in mind when searching for online poker sites that accept Skrill: account setup, the benefits of the platform itself and some alternative funding sources to consider adding to the payments mix.

Let’s start with the poker sites themselves.

Guide to online poker sites that accept skrill

What To Look For In Online Poker Sites That Accept Skrill

The first thing to point out is that there are typically no extra requirements involved for online poker sites when it comes to using Skrill as the funding source. It’s simply a question of checking the list of payment options provided and seeing if Skrill is accepted.

You’ll see it listed on the majority of European and Asian poker sites and, increasingly, in America. In 2014, Skrill gained the approval of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement as the sole sanctioned digital wallet for New Jersey internet gambling – a major step in breaking into the American market.

Once you’ve established that you’re dealing with a poker site that accepts Skrill, there’s a number of other commonsense factors you should consider before you decide to hand over any of your hard-earned cash.

Begin by doing a little extra online research on the site in question. Don’t simply be seduced by a competent website design and some slick marketing speak. Check out their reputation online and try to find out how long they’ve been in business.

You’re looking for an established site with a good track record and an active community of satisfied players on the books. If there’s even the slightest suspicion that you’re dealing with some fly-by-night or unscrupulous organisation, move on to the next candidate.

You’ll also want to see a full range of table action and pot sizes on offer and a diverse player pool. Ideally there will also be regular special events and tournaments to participate in.

It’s always worth reviewing the terms and conditions of a site closely before you commit. This isn’t a part of the process that anyone relishes but it’s essential in avoiding unexpected fees and problems down the line. You also want to make sure there is a full range of customer support options clearly listed on the site in case you need to follow up on any points in the future.

Once you’ve satisfied yourself as to those requirements, actually adding and withdrawing funds via Skrill is generally easy. It’s simply a matter of adding Skrill as a funding source via the interface and following the instructions from there. Transactions should be near instantaneous.

One final thing to consider is the range of sign-up bonuses you stand to receive when opening a Skrill account. Some of these offers may be directly related to you choosing Skrill as a funding source while others may be more standard deposit or non-deposit sign-up bonuses. Either way, keep your eyes peeled for attractive offers when you’re shopping for a new account and you could profit from a few extra bucks to play with.

Using Skrill to play online poker

Getting Set Up On Skrill

We’ve assumed so far that you already have your Skrill account set up but of course that may not be the case. Let’s look at how you go about getting started from scratch.

The good news is that account setup is straightforward. There are two basic types of account available to select from: business and personal. Unless you actually need to accept payment yourself as a business, you’re likely to be better off selecting the personal account.

The business accounts do come with some interesting additional features such as escrow payments so by all means check out the full range of functionality on offer but a personal account is all you need to get started playing poker online.

Skrill supports over 41 currencies but one point to bear in mind is that with the standard personal accounts you must choose one primary currency and stick with it. Other conditions to note are that users must be over 18 and that you will be required to verify your identity. Only one Skrill account per person is allowed.

For personal use, Skrill is available in the vast majority of countries around the world although there are some restrictions on its use relating to gambling in countries such as the United States, Turkey and Malaysia. If you have any doubts about using it in your jurisdiction, check directly with Skrill support and they will be happy to clarify.

Points That Make Skrill Stand Out

So, we’ve established that getting up and running with Skrill is relatively straightforward. Let’s have a quick look at some of the additional benefits it offers as a payment platform.

Next to the overall convenience and speed, the biggest additional benefit is security. As a registered Money Service Business in the UK under the auspices of the FCA, Skrill is a highly regulated financial services provider and is held to the highest standards of online security.

As with Paypal, using Skrill as a payment method means you’re putting an additional layer of security between your financial details and that of the poker site in question. Think of the contrast between either doing this or directly entering your credit card details into a site and the advantages become immediately apparent.

Skrill also offers additional services such as the Skrill Prepaid Mastercard and Skrill Direct which give you a little more flexibility in how you use it.

High volume users will be interested in the many attractive bonuses on offer in the Skrill VIP programme. If you’re turning over significant money on the tables, this could be a solid extra side-earner.

Payment Alternatives In Online Poker Sites That Accept Skrill

Even if you’re only going to be playing on one site, we always recommend having at least one backup funding source established. It gives you that extra bit of flexibility and means you’re not tied down to just one solution. Here are some of the other funding sources to consider for your poker account:

  • PayPal: Paypal brings much of the same benefits as Skrill in terms of online wallet functionality and is, if anything, even more universally accepted. A separate Paypal account makes a great backup to your primary Skrill account.
  • Visa and Mastercard: Visa and Mastercard have long been the two big beasts in the online payments jungle, and with good reason. Both offer unparalleled flexibility, security and ease of use and are accepted virtually everywhere online.
  • Bitcoin: After a series of recent scandals, the jury is still somewhat out on Bitcoin but it’s a fascinating option if you can live with the inherent instability of the currency. Definitely worth dipping a toe in the water as it could be the payment system of the future.

Using Skrill in online casinos

Other Casino Table Games/Gambling Options Available With Skrill

Skrill makes a great funding source for poker for all of the reasons we’ve outlined above but it can also be used with a complete range of other online casino games or sports betting. Some of the options here include:

  • Blackjack: Fans of online poker will generally not be averse to a hand or two of blackjack to keep their wits sharp in the context of a different table game.
  • Roulette: Online versions may not quite offer the glamour of the real life version but with recent graphical advances the gameplay experience is increasingly close.
  • Sportsbook betting: Skrill is accepted across a huge number of online sports betting outfits so whether you fancy a punt on the English Premier League or a flutter on the Yankees, you’ll be able to find a market to follow.
  • Slots: If you’re looking for an occasional small fun bet then a spin on the online slots can be a great way of killing some in-between time. A new breed of 3d video titles is offering an increasingly sophisticated slots experience in terms of storytelling. Check out the trailer below for an example.

We hope this article has helped you with selecting an online poker site that accepts Skrill. It’s a great funding choice, not only for poker, but for a much wider range of casino table games.

As mentioned above, we recommend keeping another couple of funding options in reserve to provide you more flexibility online but Skrill makes an excellent choice as a primary funding source for any account.

Good luck out there on the tables!

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