Since the mid-2000s, online poker has been dominated by laptops. These portable PC and Mac computers are near perfect because players can carry their laptop around while also enjoying a fairly large screen. But nowadays, mobile devices are becoming far more prevalent in the poker industry. This means that more people are spending the bulk oftheir time with mobile poker apps. So our question is, will mobile poker ever surpass PC and Mac popularity? To answer this, let’s look at a couple of important factors.

The Recreational Population loves Mobile Gaming

In online poker, there’s an emphasis on appealing to the recreational player base. After all, amateurs are the ones who continually inject cash into the industry – not the pros. Mobile poker really seems to appeal to the all-important recreational crowd since it’s quick and convenient. There’s nothing easier than pulling a smartphone out of your pocket and playing a few hands when you’re out and about. Plus, players have their smartphones at most times so they always have access to poker.

Pros and Semi-Pros log the Most Hours through PCs

While amateur poker players love the mobile game, most professionals don’t spend a significant amount of time grinding through their smartphones and tablets. The primary reason why is because the screens are smaller on mobile devices, making it harder for pros to play multiple tables. And this is taking into account that multi-tabling is available since not all mobile sites allow it. So you can count on professionals sticking to their PCs and/or Macs for the time being.

What’s the Verdict?

Given that many grinders still prefer PC online poker, this is a significant amount of hours that are being dedicated to PC/Mac gaming. Another point to consider here is that the majority of recreational players still use their PC or Mac for poker. However, we wouldn’t rule out the day where mobile poker eventually becomes the most popular way to play. After all, more people buy smartphones and tablets every day and with this rise in sales, it’s very possible that most players will gravitate towards wireless poker.