Someone was recently putting forth the proposal that the NFL stagger that starts of Sunday football games in one hour increments, so that a football game would be televised beginning at 11 a.m. Eastern Time and have the last game starting at 10 p.m., meaning that football would be televised continuously for about 14 hours, allowing for the last game ending at around 1 a.m. the following morning.

It would not surprise me if the NFL were to adopt this idea. Their quest for revenue generally seems insatiable.

I think it is a bad idea for purely selfish reasons. I would hate to see my Denver Broncos starting the last game of the day, even though that would be 8 p.m. in my Mountain Time zone. A late Sunday evening game would completely preclude my consumption of fermented malt beverages, which come to think of it, might not be an entirely selfish motive, because the official beer of the NFL is Bud Light, one of the primary sponsors of the telecasts. Whilst I would not personally drink Bud Light even if it were free, that does not mean that the corporation that makes Bud Light could risk reduced consumption by fans that had to abstain due to the necessity of working the next day.

What I would like to see, now that the figurative ice has been broken and a cold weather city with an outdoor stadium was permitted to host the Super Bowl, is a system that resulted in the potential for a Super Bowl to be played in the home city of one of the teams.

I’ve heard all the arguments that the Super Bowl is more of a party for the elite and that the NFL is not interested in a team’s fans attending. A brouhaha erupted in Denver when it was learned that the Broncos received fewer than 15,000 tickets to the game and the team’s management would not reveal how many of those tickets were actually made available to season ticket holders, regardless of how long they had been loyal fans.

It was later learned that the bulk of the tickets went to travel agencies that specialized in putting together luxury all-inclusive travel packages that ended up being all-exclusive, of fans that is.

It was akin to being told that you could only use your free online bookie bets to back a sure loser.